Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Course Organisation

These are some options available for you....please decide asap

1- Use this blog as our main meeting point to discuss the course and topics, and everyone creates his/her own blog that will serve as the individual's electronic portfolio and we will link all the individual electronic portfolios (blogs) to this main blog.

2- Use second life for virtual face-to-face meetings during which we will schedule a time to meet and reflect on our electronic portfolios. I am already registered on second life. What about you?

3- or just use OUM LMS. At the moment i have problems with the OUM LMS but the administrators are helping me out. Should be okay by next week.


  1. Dear All

    I will be very comfortable in using OUM LMS as we are all familiar with it to its core; however, I am excited yet nervous to try SecondLife.

    If secondlife requires synchronous discussions that can pose a problem for our cohort. I guess this Blog is fine but really want to get an exposure to secondlife also.

    Quite confused huh!

    What do you all say. Thanks

  2. I prefer we can use My LMS.


  3. So far, two of you prefer to use MyLMS although when each student creates his/her individual e-portfolio, it is easier for me to link all your e-portfolios to this blog for reflection purposes.

    I am waiting for everyone's feedback and will follow the majority.

    Secondlife is a suggestion by Prof Abtar. It would be interesting to try out but it requires us to log-in at the same time and that can be a problem if we live in different time zones. If not, we can probably set a time after working hours, probably at night.

    I am suggesting that we only try secondlife for one or two times just for the experience. Maybe for one of the reflection sessions after you have created your e-portfolios. But the main meeting venue is still this blog or MyLMS.

  4. Dr Putri

    I am sure we would get used to this Blog, you have changed he outlook and some layout which has made it more interesting and user friendly. Let's stick to this blog. We must try something new, although we may miss our dear old LMS. but that's ok!

    Your idea about using secondlife once otr twice seems good. I hope others are comfortable with it too.

  5. Respectable Putri and colleagues,

    Just like Sarah said, new features have been added here and I think its more captivating.I have no problem using any of the platforms. Its a good idea to be exposed to second life. I look forward to seeing schedule for us to experiment it.

  6. Hi Ms Putri and colleagues,

    I opt for MyLMAS as well since I'm only able to log into Second Life at home since I cannot install the application in my office PC.

  7. Dear Reno

    Can't you access the blog from home? Can you also introduce yourself since your name is unfamiliar.

  8. Dear Prof Putri

    I would like you to use the LMS as the LMS gives us the option of responding to each others comments. The blog would mean that our comments are a summarised work rather than a response.

    Finally, please make a decision quickly as we need to move on to the more important aspects soon


  9. Dear Putri,

    I'd love to use secondlife, but from Bangladesh internet connection and speed are unpredictable. Still I want to try.