Friday, July 16, 2010

Making a Choice

Rubric for e-portfolio

I think all of you should have read the article "E-portfolio Implementation". Did you analyze the rubric given? Since we are all adults and professionals, I would like to your opinion on whether we could adopt the rubric for the overall assessment of  the e-portfolios created for this course.

Please give your comments.

Thank you


We will begin our reflection exercise soon for the first few artefacts that you have selected.

But please bear in mind the following points (adapted from the Australian e-portfolio project )- 

How do I go about creating an entry in my ePortfolio?
To get the most out of your ePortfolio, you need to do more than simply add examples of your work. Each time you add a piece of evidence, you need to provide a brief context for the piece – 
  • why are you adding it? 
  • What does it display? 
  • What do you want your audience to know about that piece of work?

One useful method to help you provide a succinct context is called the STAR-L
framework. Stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result and lessons Learnt, can help
you to structure your reflections about an experience in such a way that the meaning
and outcome of the experience can be clearly identified and communicated to others.

Situation – the context in which the experience occurred.

Task – what was actually required of you in the situation.

Action – the steps that you personally took in response to the task. When reflecting on your actions, ask yourself why you chose to respond in that particular way.

Result – the outcome of your actions. How did your actions contribute to the
completion of the task? How did your actions affect the final outcome of the

Learnt – the things you have learned from the experience. Highlight any skills or abilities that you have developed or improved as a result of the experience. Think about how you might apply what you’ve learned to other situations.

Please inform me the url of your e-portfolios so i can link it on this blog so we can view one another's e-portfolio and give feedback.