Friday, July 16, 2010

Rubric for e-portfolio

I think all of you should have read the article "E-portfolio Implementation". Did you analyze the rubric given? Since we are all adults and professionals, I would like to your opinion on whether we could adopt the rubric for the overall assessment of  the e-portfolios created for this course.

Please give your comments.

Thank you


  1. Dear Putri,

    The rubric is very nice in one word. But I've some queries. As the rubric was created for DBMA, they've their specific learning goals which don't obviously match with MIDT courses, I think. For example, learning goal VI, "Graduates should have knowledge breadth & depth in the business core functional areas"--is particularly set for DBMA. Don't you think that we need to fix learning goals for MIDT e-portfolio rubric in line with the courses offered, and accordingly our evaluation scales need to be defined?

    Your opinion?


  2. Dear Putri and Meherun,

    I agree with Meherun that the rubric is comprehensive, however, perhaps we can develop one for our MIDT course. Some of the 10 goals may however match. Lets look at each one in turn:

    1. Graduates should think critically and solve problems strategically.

    For 10 points: Artifacts should illustrate that student has analyzed instructional design situations, developed solutions, tested the solutions and has made revisions given the feedback from the test cases.

    2. Graduates have communicated clearly.

    For 10 points: Artifacts are presented in an interesting manner, learning is articulated clearly, the medium for communication has been organized in a logical and attractive manner. Presentations of the artifacts are clear and to the point. A good deal of learning has been achieved is well documented.

    3. Graduates should be able to reason quantitatively and demonstrate a scientific and appropriate approach to instructional design.

    For 10 points: Student is able to demonstrate application of a variety of instructional design techniques and evaluate their effectiveness.

    ---more in my next post----


  3. ---Continuing from the last post----

    4. Graduates should be able to reflect on the varied educational needs of diverse groups, and in particular those without access to education.

    For 10 points: Artifacts reflect ethical and responsible behavior towards diverse groups, gender sensitivity. Artifacts provide evidence of collaboration and learning from others.

    5. Graduates should be proficient in the appropriate use of technology.

    For 10 points: Students should demonstrate the use of technology appropriately and effective in context.. Graduate should clearly understand the role and place of technology in education.

    6. Reflections.

    For 10 points: Appropriate and complete reflection for each artifact, explaining why each artifact was chosen, which learning goal was achieved. Ideas logically flow to clearly explain the goals achieved.

    Hope this provides some food for thought to finalise ourbricd

  4. Excellent work again Yousuf and Meherun.

    To add however to the above posts let me say that the rubric is for a face-to-face traditional class. Our course is fully online and the rationale and objectives are different. The emphasis placed on the eportfolio varies. We don't have an evaluation team to ensure validity (Sweat-Guy & Buzzetto, 2007). Training beforehand was not really done for us but we were left to discover for ourselves. We are merely doing the course for credit and exploration and to understand the value and importance of the course.

    There rubric is very detailed and comprehensive
    and well developed. The midt rubrics are quite appropriate for our purpose. Some of there rubrics we can use but others are unique.

    Now to answer the question specifically. This rubric given cannot be use as is for this course but there are elements which can be used.

  5. Dear Prof Putri,
    I have to agree with Meherun, Yousuf and Meherun as I think that they have analyzed the rubric well. While most of the Learning Goals specified in the DBMA rubric can be applied to the MIDT programme, several do not and may need to be modified. In my view, the goals that are not suitable for us are:
    LG III - reason quantitatively, & acquire scientific knowledge & skills.
    LG VI - (Meherun has stated the reason)
    The part about solving problems strategically in LG I may also be somewhat incompatible with the goals of our MIDT programme in the sense that we may have difficulty finding an artifact to clearly demonstrate the achievement of that goal.


  6. Dear coursemates,

    Thanks for the excellent comments.

    I agree that certain learning goals are not suitable for our course. However, if we can adopt those relevant ones, replace them with our MIDT's learning goals, as what Yousuf has illustrated, we can achieve more from this course.

    Nonetheless, since our eportfolio covers not only assessment, but also feature showcase, continual learning, etc. as objectives, learning goals for rubrics should be balanced on all the objectives of the eportfolio.

    Last but not least, I am concerned about the time constraint that we face. I would therefore suggest that we include only the most important learning goals in the rubrics. Hopefully it can be decided by Prof. as soon as possible.

    Best regards.

  7. Thank you for your meaningful and constructive feedback. I will adapt the rubrics for our use. Meanwhile please continue to comment on your course-mates e-portfolios/blogs. Every comment you make will contribute to your overall evaluation in this course. By the end of this week i will give my marks and comments for each e-portfolio based on the adapted rubric. However, please bear in mind you can still continue improving your e-portfolios so your marks can be upgraded. Cheerio

  8. Dear Putri

    The rubric given in table 3 of the said article is very comprehensive but it primarily addresses the needs, goals and aims of the DBMA. It should be tailored to meet our MIDT course.

    According to my point of view L1 may be okay, however L2 would need some revision. we do not have to consider non verbal langauge as none of our artifacts would be able to present that.Likewise, the rest of the goals have to be adjusted as they are originally stated for the Accounting and Management area. However, the last three rows i.e. Reflections....Professionalism may be taken as such.