Monday, July 19, 2010



  1. Dear Putri,

    A beautiful video with a powerful message! We all have so much to be thankful for to our Creator - the opportunity to live life, fulfill our potentials and have a fulfilling experience. As I watched the video, I realized how much beautiful the mind of the person who posted the video must be for sharing such thoughts.

    I would like to share two things in this connection. A quote that a number of people have paraphrased and an article.

    "The potential given is a gift from the Creator, what we do with the potential is our gift to the Creator!"

    The link below is to an article I would like to share:

    Best regards.


  2. Dear Putri, Yusuf and All

    The words of the song and the music are wonderful and soothing. I needed to hear something like this with all the work that I have to do. Life is truly a challenge but with sufficient opportunities to smile and laugh and praise out creator. The pictures were also well crafted and gave the video more meaning.

    Thanks very much for the intervention



  3. I shared the video with some.
    Their comments mostly what I feel:
    "give and open your will solve the problem..with smile and love..."

    Thank you for the video Prof...

  4. Dear Prof. & colleages,

    Someone asked how to make life beautiful.

    Try sharing our time, our ideas, happiness, knowledge, pictures, conversation, photos, effort, etc. and we instantly make lives connected. That moment is eternity. And that is beautiful life; what we feel in the heart.

    Thanks for sharing the video, article and comments.