Monday, June 21, 2010

Starting Your E-Portfolio

Please sign up for a google account so you can develop your e-portfolio using the google tools like blogger, google doc, picasa etc.
We will do the reflection exercise 3 times:
1) after you have compiled 1/3 of your artifacts
2) after you have compiled 2/3 of your artifacts
3) after your e-portfolio is completely ready.

We will do one of the reflection exercises using Second-Life so do register as a member. We need to plan a time to meet.

Since all of you are developing your e-portfolio using google tools, you will be able to easily access one another e-portfolio and artifacts for the reflection exercises.
Finally, can each of you email the names of courses you have already taken in the MIDT program?

Thank you


  1. Dear Dr Putri

    I have my second life account already made, I did it at the start of the course. Will be eager to use it!

    The courses that I have taken in the MIDT programme are mentioned semester wise in my e-portfolio prposal, will that do, or should I send them to you again as a separate document?

    Please let me know.
    Kind regards

  2. Dear Dr Putri,

    Two points:
    1. As far as I know, the diet for the MIDT courses was pre-determined and fixed. The only option we were offered was whether one would do an internship or complete a research project. However, I will collect the courses and send to you shortly.

    2. Internet in Bangladesh is slow. I tried to register in Second Life right at the beginning of the semester. However, even during registration, internet was so slow that I was timed out. I will try again, however, as far as I understand, using Second Life may be a problem from Bangladesh.

    With best wishes.


  3. Dear Dr Putri and all,

    As I started collecting my artifacts, I have kind of worked backwards, i.e.

    1. I identified the areas in which I have already used my learning from a MIDT course at my university.

    2. Then I identified which assignment helped me understand and implement something at my university.

    3. Finally, I selected the course that the assignment belonged to.

    Since the Chairman of the Governors of my university is my primary audience, I want to show how my learning has benefited the university. This can only shown by results of projects implemented.

    I was planning to use between three to four artifacts. Is that too little? How many would be appropriate?

    Best regards.


  4. Dear Dr Putri and Classmates,

    I have prepared a table of the courses done by all at MIDT. I have added two extra columns showing the selected assignments from the course and partly where I have applied it.

    Looking at all the courses at a glance, I see that most courses have contributed towards the current understanding that I have of IDT and the skills are cumulatively applied in the research project.

    Courses at MIDT:
    Course Code: Course Name: Facilitator Assignments Reflection/Action
    HMIR5103 Research in Instructional Design and Technology Dr Ed Robeck Examining Research papers. Creating a survey. Learned how to use SurveyMonkey & basic research.
    HMDD5603 Design And Development Of Interactive E-content Colin and Prof Dunning Bloom’s Taxonomy comment. Learning Objects * Workshop example. Used in HPT workshop.
    HMHP5903 Human Performance Technology Putri Cause Analysis, Intervention Powerpoint. * Improving Computer Science Syllabus
    HMIC5503 Managing Intellectual Capital Marien Development of Intellectual Capital Intellectual Capital Statement for Company
    HMID5003 Principles And Practices Of Instructional Design Abtar Kaur Critical analysis of Design Task 6, ownership.
    HMID6303 Current Trends And Issues In Instructional Technology Zoraini, Fitri Bonk, assignment 2 on project for learning English * Using local infrastructure to help learn English
    HMLC5303 Learning Communities And Social Pedagogical Networks Thomas Ryberg, Leanne PLE assignment, learning English – leading to Bonk English project * Implemented Classroom Interactive feedback system, in addition to HPT slide
    HMLT5203 Applying Theories Of Learning To Instructional Technology Zoraini, Tina Web 2.0 position paper, Siemens modified. * Ideas of use of Web 2.0, i.e. wikispaces developing.
    HMOA5403 Online Assessment Methods Ed Robeck, Abtar Kaur Task 4, Authentic assessment Bhai bhai quiz, given copying culture
    HMPD6204 Research Project Design Ed Robeck, Ravi Using wikis for reflective thinking on the use of technology Culmination of all learning.
    HMTT6003 Instructional Technology Development Tools Ravi Building a website Use of technology – no reflection. Operators

  5. Dear Dr Putri and Classmates,

    Apologies, the table seems to have broken up. However, since the course codes are all BLOCK CAPS, they kind of stand out. If needed, I can send the table via email to all.

    Best regards.


  6. Dear Yusuf

    Could you please send the courses table via email. That will be helpful. Thanks.

  7. Dear Sarah,

    Emailed you the table. Hope it will be of use to you.

    Best regards.


  8. Dear Dr Putri,

    I already have an account at The URL is:

    May I use this for the e-Portfolio?

    I actually reflected on my life as a teacher and posted this in December, 2006 at:

    I have actually come a long way since then. Can we add menus and links in the Blog for better organisation?

    Best regards.


  9. Dear Putri,

    I've opened an account at blogger, for E-portfolio tasks. Should I start postings in it about my reflections on MIDT?

    Waiting for your guidelines.


  10. Hi to all:

    My account is:
    I am yet to add artifacts and reflections

    Yousuf, thanks for guidance you provide through good example of all courses and preliminary.

    Should one have an artifact for each course then?

  11. Dear Class

    Thanks to steve and his untiring efforts, am trying to pick up the pieces here. My blog is at

    Am uploading the artifacts and the reflections now.